Arthur Chen (Head Chef)
At KT Catering we take pride in the high quality food we provide. This is made possible by co-founder Arthur who organises and manages every aspect of the banquet preparation from going over the menu with the couple in the planning stages, to the moment the dishes leave the kitchen. With 30 years in the food industry and 20 in the wedding catering business, he ensures that only the freshest ingredients prepared by our well trained kitchen staff and seasoned with his own original sauces and spices make your special day an unforgettable gourmet experience.
Kim Chen (Customer Relations Manager)
With KT Catering you get so much more than just food. We have the flexibility to accommodate your specific needs and co-founder Kim will be there from the very beginning to assist you and your partner in finding the perfect reception and other service providers to make your dream wedding a reality. With 16 years of working in the wedding industry she has the know-how and professional connections to smooth your journey.